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Are You a Young Adult Adapting to the World After College or Graduate School in Bergen County or the NYC Metropolitan Area?

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Are there certain aspects of your career and job that you love and enjoy, while other parts seem challenging and overwhelming?  Do you wish you could feel more content in your professional and social life? What about finding your true passion and excelling at work while building a social life you can care about. Psychotherapy can be an important tool for identifying what is holding you back and helping you to reach your goals and aspirations.

Life in Bergen County and the New York Metropolitan Area Can Be Hectic and Stressful

It is not uncommon for young adulthood to be accompanied by multiple bumps and challenges. At times, these experiences can also lead to feelings of failure and personal inadequacy. You may lose sight of your own personal strengths, which causes mental health concerns. Many young adults undergo difficult times in their careers. They may feel overwhelmed and confused. The stress of establishing your professional life is often compounded by the struggle to find and maintain a sense of community. Life in The New York Metropolitan Region is often overwhelming and stressful. Thankfully, a therapist can help you to begin to build meaningful social relationships as well as navigate the challenges of professional life.

Young Adult Counseling Can Help You Build Self-Confidence and Find Purpose

I have worked with many young adults adapting to independent adult life in the New York Metropolitan Area. It can be It is easy to feel alone and overwhelmed by the expectations and demands of young adulthood. My practice is a safe and warm environment for you to explore these challenges and the resulting emotions. In addition, young adult counseling can help you build on your strengths to create strategies for accomplishing your professional and social goals. You can navigate through the process of deciding on a meaningful career. You can also establish meaningful friendships and have success in dating. We will build on your inherent strengths and self-knowledge to form meaningful friendships. While young adulthood in the New York Metropolitan Area may be challenging, you can develop the techniques and tools you need to create a satisfying future! 

You may believe that young adult counseling can help you feel more comfortable and confident in your life, but still have questions or concerns…

Why go to young adult counseling? What about a career or life coach?

While career coaches can be helpful, many people also face conflicting thoughts and emotions while deciding on a specific career path. As a therapist, I will work with you on identifying the Psychological aspects of choosing a career, friends, romantic partners, and the social communities you would like to be part of, as well as work on improving your mental health. I am dedicated to respecting and listening to your individual concerns.


What if I have challenges and struggles I would like to address, but they are not exclusively related to being a young adult?

I work with people experiencing a variety of different life circumstances and challenges. I have found that many young adults still appreciate a therapist who is sensitive to the specific dynamics of this life stage, and although your therapy may not primarily focus on being a young adult, you may come to value a psychotherapist who nevertheless has an understanding of this particular period in your life.

Why should I come and see you? Aren’t their other therapists who work with young adults?

For the majority of my career, I have focused on the Mental Health challenges faced by young adults. Also, I have received training and supervision while working with young adults regarding relationships, family dynamics, and adapting to an independent life in Bergen County and the New York Metropolitan region. Lastly, having begun my professional life in New York City, I understand the many challenges and dynamics inherent in adapting to life in this region.

You don’t have to feel stuck or unable to move forward in your life. I invite you to contact me for a free 15-minute phone consultation. I am happy to answer any questions you may have.

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