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Welcome to my website

Since 2011, I have been helping individuals of all ages, couples, and families realize their true potential. I offer a free initial phone conversation; please review my website as you decide whether psychotherapy is right for you

As a therapist, I believe in each person’s capacity to make profound changes in his or her own life, and that this stems from a collaborative experience between me and you. I do my best to provide a warm and empathetic environment for each one of my clients. My passion for this field stems from my own personal experiences managing a complex learning disorder as a young adult in NYC. I also have a special commitment to young adults in NYC facing similar challenges. Whether you are a young adult struggling with the impact of a learning disorder, a couple hoping to become more intimate and connected in your relationship, or simply a trying to navigate different complex life obstacles, I genuinely look forward to collaborating with you on achieving your goals.