Workplace Success: Steps You Can Take to Achieve Professionally.

Workplace Success: Steps You Can Take to Achieve Professionally.  

You may find Adapting to a new job stressful! There is so much to learn regarding how to integrate into the company culture.  Through the implementation of a six-week curriculum, you will have the opportunity to develop specific skills for adapting to the workplace, collaborating on new strategies through role-play and discussion, and trying out recently acquired techniques between sessions. Adapting to employment can be fun, and we provide an open and supportive place for you to explore it with others.

 Time: Wednesdays at 8:00 PM   

Ages: 23-35 

Place: (Due to Covid-19, sessions will no be offered via the HIPAA compliant service


Cost: $65 per participant per session.  

Contact: Benjamin Meyer, LCSW-R 

Phone 347-768-3909 


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