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Spanish and English Services for Young Adults with Aspergers and Nonverbal Learning Disorder.  

    Have you ever felt stressed, overwhelmed, or simply unsure of how to best manage the practical and emotional aspects of NVLD or Aspergers? Do you ever wonder if you could find a therapist who really understood your challenges, while also keeping in mind your strengths and what makes you unique as a whole person? Have you ever felt misunderstood, unappreciated, or simply unsupported? Do you wish you could find someone who would help you to work through your challenges with sensitivity and compassion?   Not only will I work with you to develop the time management, prioritizing, and interpersonal skills you need to succeed professionally and personally, but I also provide the understanding and compassion of a therapist who understands the challenges of NVLD on a personal level. Together, we will create a space for you to not only face the practical challenges of living with Asperger’s or NVLD, but to also work through the often complex emotions that can arise from your diagnosis.

The reality is that individuals with Aspergers and Nonverbal Learning Disorder can lead meaningful and productive lives, and you can to. Working with a therapist who can address your entire needs, from challenges related to employment to educational success, as well as managing the impact stress and anxiety on a daily level, can make a significant difference. Please see below for a description of my services in greater detail.

                           Initial Consultation (60 minutes)

During our first session, I will welcome you to my practice, and conduct a thorough assessment of your practical and/or emotional needs. Specifically, we will look at what professional and social goals you have, and what may be the best steps for reaching them, while also keeping in mind your strengths and accomplishments. Together, we will begin the process of creating the steps for you to live a happy and productive life, while also formulating a treatment plan that includes coaching, psychotherapy, or a combination of both.

                           Individual Sessions (45)

Depending on your needs, I will provide individual psychotherapy, coaching sessions, or a combination of both to help you accomplish your goals. Some examples could include becoming more organized at work, creating or establishing friendships with greater ease, or simply managing your anxiety when exposed to different environmental stimuli.

                          Couples Therapy (60 minute sessions)

When one or both people in a relationship have Aspergers or NVLD, it can create misunderstandings regarding communication and expectations in the relationship. At times, couples may need a space to openly communicate regarding how they would like to navigate through a relationship with their specific needs and attributes. Finding a therapist who is sensitive to Aspergers or NVLD can help to deepen the intimacy between both of you.

                          Family Therapy (60 minute sessions)  

The challenges faced by a young adult with NVLD or Aspergers can affect the entire family, from learning how to best manage the challenges he or she faces at school, to helping him or her adapt higher education or employment. As a trained family therapist, I will work with the entire family to help map out a plan for success for your child, while actively working to facilitate family communication regarding your child’s unique challenges and struggles.

                          Other Specialties (all services offered in English and Spanish)  

I have a variety of other specialties that I would like to explain below. Please also see my list of specialty sections.

Young Adults

I provide individual psychotherapy for young adults navigating the transition from higher education to the workplace and adult social life. I provide a 60 minute initial consultation, and subsequent 45 minute psychotherapy sessions for this population to not only address the stresses of this life transition, but also find their own path forward. Please see my specialty section for more information.


Are a couple looking to deepen the intimacy level of your relationship? Perhaps you find yourself at odds regarding important life decisions, or in need of regaining trust following an infidelity. I provide a safe and comforting environment for you and your partner to build a loving and intimate relationship. I provide an initial 60 minute consultation and subsequent 50 minute psychotherapy sessions to address these concerns.

College and Graduate School Students

College and Graduate School can be a stressful and overwhelming times. The transition to living alone, managing extensive academic work while balancing a social life, as well as simply living far away from the familiar, can be overwhelming at times. Therefore, I provide 50 minute psychotherapy sessions during which we will address the practical and emotional aspects of transitioning to college, graduate school, and professional life, as well as what can be done to make this process seem less daunting.






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