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Non Verbal Learning Disorder

Is a Non-Verbal Learning Disability Making it Difficult to Adjust to a Career, Relationships and Life in General? 

Are you a young adult with a Non-Verbal Learning Disability (NVLD), adapting to the demands of independent life in New York City? Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by a fast-paced work environment where body language can be hard to read and the multitasking required for everyday assignments can seem overwhelming? Do you also struggle to establish meaningful friendships and romantic relationships in the city? Maybe you experience multiple challenges fulfilling your tasks and responsibilities at work. You may sometimes feel that your boss and colleagues just don’t get it, and you worry about your next performance review.

Perhaps you have to spend extra hours at work trying to stay on top of tasks that seem so easy for everyone else. You might also feel that your Nonverbal Learning Disorder (NVLD) is impacting your social life and experience strong anxiety before social gatherings or dates. The good news is that working with a therapist who understands your unique neurological condition, and can create practical strategies for helping you to achieve success while also providing emotional support as you navigate everyday challenges, may have a profound impact on your overall development and happiness.

If You Are Struggling With a NVLD, You Are Not Alone

Nonverbal Learning Disorder is a neurological condition that first manifests during childhood and tends to include verbal strengths, such as an advanced vocabulary and verbal memory, along with specific deficits in visual spatial memory, fine and gross motor skills, abstract reasoning, decoding body language, and understanding humor and other non-concrete forms of social interaction. These deficits can result in challenges for young adults in the workplace and social arena, and at times, many young adults with NVLD also develop anxiety disorders and depression.

Young adults with NVLD often bring unique interpersonal strengths that may be less visible to others, such as a true compassion and empathy for those who may experience social anxiety and professional frustration; a love of reading, history, and other subjects and pastimes that play to their strengths; and a perseverance and diligence despite facing many life obstacles. If you are struggling with some of the challenges of NVLD, you may not know how to find the best possible help for your unique situation. With the support of someone who understands how NVLD may impact you, you can bring your strengths to the surface and feel empowered to navigate workplace challenges and establish meaningful relationships.

Working With an Experienced Therapist Can Help You Utilize Your Unique Strengths

I work with young adults with NVLD to build on their inherent strengths, not only helping them to overcome social and professional challenges while feeling self-confident in different life arenas, but also working to alleviate the symptoms of anxiety and depression that accompany this disorder. As a therapist with NVLD, I personally know the pain and frustration presented by this condition, but I am also aware that by using your unique skills and verbal strengths, creating everyday coping strategies for managing different responsibilities and assignments, and disclosing your learning difference in an empowering fashion, you can achieve professional and social success.

In sessions, I will offer you an opportunity to collaborate on creating unique strategies for highlighting your strengths in the workplace and social arena. I also have a unique understanding of the emotional impact of NVLD. Therefore, a psychotherapist who is trained in your specific condition – and also knows how it impacts you on a daily basis in the work place and inter personally – is in a unique position to provide you not only with practical strategies for finding professional and social success, but also to better understand the unique emotional challenges that are frequently associated with NVLD. Of course, I also know that NVLD does not define you or all of your experience.

I have years of experience working with NVLD, and I have seen how people like you can create comprehensive coping skills and organizational strategies, establish meaningful friendships and dating relationships, and find success in the workplace. I know it is possible for you to feel more in control and discover fulfillment in your life.

You may believe that therapy can help you cope with the challenges of NVLD, but still have questions or concerns…

How is therapy going to help?

As a therapist who is familiar with NVLD, I can help you to create practical strategies for succeeding professionally and socially. Also, if you feel that life tasks are unfairly challenging, that what seems basic to everyone else is a struggle for you, and that advancements in your professional, academic, or interpersonal relationships have never come easily, causing you feelings of anxiety and depression, you are not alone. Many young adults with NVLD also struggle with mental health concerns, especially anxiety and/or depression, and working with a mental health professional who understands the connection between NVLD and depression or anxiety can help to alleviate these symptoms.

Wouldn’t a neuropsychologist or professional coach be more qualified?

While neuropsychologist and professional coaches can address the practical challenges that face young adults with NVLD, a therapist with an understanding of this condition is specifically equipped to help you process the emotional impact as well. 

I am not just my NVLD. I have many other kinds of challenges.

As a therapist, I have worked with individuals presenting with a variety of different life circumstances and challenges. I expect that we may work on several different topics throughout the course of therapy. However, I will always maintain a sensitivity and understanding of NVLD, and how it may impact you in a variety of different life areas

With help, you can take some empowering steps to finding true professional and social success. Please give me a call for a free 15-minute phone call Contact. I am happy to answer any questions you may have about NVLD and my practice.