Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Why go to a therapist?

People come to therapy for all sorts of reasons. Maybe you are faced with a life struggle at the moment, or maybe you simply want to have a fuller and more rich life. Research has show that a supportive and confidential relationship with mental health professional can be very helpful for improving one’s overall life happiness.

2. What are some of the areas of practice you specialize in?

I provide a supportive structure for children and adolescents with learning differences and their parents to begin exploring how daily tasks such as homework, academic learning, and building new social skills can be a fun and enjoyable process. I also collaborate with parents and their college age children on helping them to collaborate and feel  equally empowered during the college application process.

I also have years of experience providing individual psychotherapy to young adults who are beginning the process of exploring and defining their personal and professional identities,  and would like to feel supported during this process

Lastly, I have received extensive experience/training in working  with couples to deepen intimacy and communication, as well as work to resolve any conflicts or struggles between them.

3. How long does therapy take?

This really depends on you and what your personal goals are. Some people find that their needs are met after a short period of time, while others may remain in treatment for an extended period of time. I believe that the process of making the decision can be done collaboratively between you and me, but ultimately the choice is yours.

4. Why do you have two offices?

Some people want to go to therapy close to their jobs, while others prefer to see a therapist close to their residence. I try to accommodate the needs of those who use my services by having two centrally located offices.


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