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College & Graduate School Students

Are You A College or Graduate School Student Struggling to Balance Academic and Social Demands?College Student Depression

Do you sometimes feel lonely and isolated, and experience some
difficulties approaching or connecting with your classmates? Would you like to establish more friendships, but feel uncertain of how to go about doing it? Do you wish you could feel confident in your academic and social life and find the ideal balance between the two?

Life in college and graduate school can be challenging, overwhelming, and exhausting, but a therapist can help you to manage the man you face, from creating an organizational system that will help you to work on managing daily challenges, to finding the right social group to be part of. Together, we can develop strategies for being a strong and successful student with a balanced personal and professional life.

Stress Management for College Students Can Help You Manage the Challenges and Loneliness of Academia

I have years of experience teaching stress management for college students, and I have received extensive training so that I can help you with your specific challenges at this life stage. I have also developed a strong understanding of learning disabilities and their impact on college and graduate students, as well as the strategies for helping these students  achieve the academic and social success they want and deserve. We will walk through the therapy process together, and I will stand by your side until you feel comfortable with the strategies we develop.

Through stress and organizational management, you can learn new ways to build meaningful friendships, approach your professors with ease, balance your time, and generally make your college or graduate school experience feel less anxious and overwhelming. I am also there to support you as you become increasingly aware of your changing desires and goals, from deciding on another course of study to developing new social circles. You can have the college or graduate school experience you want!

You may believe that stress management for college students can help you adapt to your new environment, but still have questions or concerns…

Why try stress management for college students? Isn’t talking about my stress just going to make it worse?

Speaking to a therapist can provide a strong sense of relief. Stress is cumulative, and the more you hold it in without speaking about it, the more stress you will feel. Speaking to a mental health professional, however, can serve as a relief from the daily symptoms, helping you to develop strategies for feeling more in control and positive about your life in general. You can also feel heard, validated, and understood. I invite you to try this relationship as a means for achieving a significant reduction in your stress and anxiety.

Between managing school and my social life, I don’t see how I have any extra time for therapy.

I understand that college and graduate students are busy people. Therapy is a commitment of 50 minutes per week. Look at it this way – what if by dedicating 50 minutes of your time on a weekly basis, you could have a more relaxed and fulfilling life as a college or graduate student? What if you could feel more balanced between your academic and social demands, establish friendships, resolve interpersonal conflicts, and gain greater clarity regarding your future direction? Would this be worth 50 minutes of your time?

Why not just go to my student counseling center? They are on campus, available, and take my insurance.

Student counseling services generally offer short-term therapy sessions. However, the challenges faced by college and graduate students often benefit from prolonged and in depth psychotherapy, and I am here to provide that service.

Do my parents or anyone else have to know?

No, therapy will always be confidential.

You can feel better and more empowered in your academic life. Please call me for a free 15 minute initial phone conversation. You can ask any questions you might have about stress management for college students and my practice.