Therapy does not always need to be provided in an office setting. In fact, there are many times when it can be more convenient to speak to your therapist from the comfort of your own home. Teletherapy is an effective method for scheduling regular therapy sessions without onerous commutes. You an also plan sessions within the flexibility of your own schedule. In fact, teletherapy can be useful for individuals with busy lives. Some may find it useful to schedule sessions between assignments at work. Others may do so  during their lunch hour or from their living room.

It is also possible to choose to work with a therapist when you feel sick, need a snack, or want to avoid inclement weather. Let’s face it! Sometimes, it is simpler easier to avoid going to your therapist when you have to get into your car and drive there or take public transportation. Your reward for this is waiting in an anonymous waiting room. Therefore, having the ability to simply click on a screen to check in with your therapist is preferable for many.

It should be noted that studies regarding teletherapy have shown that it can be just as effective as in-office treatment. Therefore, as we all face this current crisis, why not consider teletherapy as an option for treatment? Through HIPPA compliant services clients can expect to have safe, reliable, and private connections with their therapists. Please contact me to discuss this service in greater depth.

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